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Aurora Rug Binding is committed to providing you with quality products, services and affordable prices. With 37 years of experience, we manufacture, design and sell area rugs for commercial and residential applications. Our artisans have combined a total of over 100 years of experience . We offer the simplest of borders to the most detailed of inlays. Send us a sketch of your design and a sample of the fabric or wallpaper for the perfect color match. Call us today (303) 343-6789 for more details.



Binding is a finish that uses a polyester or cotton tape that is stitched on the front and the back of the carpet with a machine.

Serging is bound first and then a continuous wrap of yarn is applied to the binding around the rug.

Serge tape is a mix between binding and serging. It is a mimic of real serging, but is in a tape form that is able to be stitched on with any binding machine.

Wide bindings come in a plethora of sizes and styles. You are able to visibly see anywhere from 1" - 3" of the wide borner on the top of your rug once applied.

Rubber Reducer is a great finish for outdoor or commercial type rugs. It helps to keep it in place as well as gives it a smooth arch to keep from tripping.

Self-Edging is a cosmetic type look that is only visible from the back of the rug. It is applied to the outer perimeter of the back of the rug and glued onto the very edge of the sides of the rug.


Underlay pads are going to be a non attached application. They are cut in about 1 1/2" - 2" smaller than what the rug size is, this allows for the rug to relax over the pad once set in place. The two pads offered are the Durahold and No-Muv. Both underlay options have a no slip factor as well to ensure the rugs do not creep or move.

Attached Rug Backing are both applied with a spray adhesive then bound over. Our laminated rubber is for hard surfaces as our Tebo backing is for carpet on carpet application. Both attached backing options have a no slip factor also.


  • Seaming

    • The attachment of two or more pieces of carpet or rugs.

  • Custom Carpet Tile Area Rugs 

  • Cove Base

    • Alternative to wood or vinyl baseboards. Carpet is cut into 3" - 5" stripes that is bound on the top and then applied to the wall.​

  • Measure for templates

    • Templating custom wall to wall installs or stairs.​

  • Tapestry Borders, Mitered Corners

  • Beveling

    • Reducing a square edge to a sloped edge​

  • Fringing 

    • Adding or removing frige​

  • Rug repairing and refurbishing

  • Cleaning

    • Synthetic & Natural fiber rugs​

  • Custom

    • Stair Cases​

    • ​Borders

    • Logo Mats

    • Photo rugs

  • Pick Up & Delivery Services

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